What to plant with Camassia – Camas

Companion Planting with Camassia – Camas


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Camassia, commonly known as camas or wild hyacinth, is a bulbous perennial that produces tall spikes of star-shaped blue, purple, or white flowers in late spring to early summer. Camassia prefers well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade. When planting camas, it’s important to choose companion plants that have similar growing requirements and that complement the plant visually and functionally. Here are some suggestions for companion plants:

Narcissus (Narcissus spp.) – Daffodils bloom in spring and can provide a beautiful contrast in color and form to camas.

Tulips (Tulipa spp.) – Tulips offer a wide range of colors and shapes, and their bloom time can overlap with Camassia, creating a colorful spring display.

Allium (Allium spp.) – Ornamental onions produce round, globe-like flower clusters that can contrast nicely with the star-shaped flowers of Camassia. Many Allium species bloom around the same time as camas.

Iris (Iris spp.) – Irises come in various colors and sizes, and their blooms can overlap with Camassia, providing a complementary display in the garden.

Lupinus (Lupinus spp.) – Lupines produce tall spikes of flowers that can create a vertical accent and contrast with the flowers of Camassia. They prefer well-draining soil and can tolerate partial shade.

Aquilegia (Aquilegia spp.) – Also known as columbines, these perennials produce delicate, nodding flowers and can grow in similar conditions to Camassia.

Euphorbia (Euphorbia spp.) – Some Euphorbia species, such as Euphorbia polychroma or Euphorbia griffithii, can create an attractive contrast with their colorful bracts and foliage when planted with Camassia.

Geranium (Geranium spp.) – Hardy geraniums, also known as cranesbill, can provide low-growing ground cover with attractive flowers and foliage, complementing the taller spikes of Camassia.

Ornamental Grasses – Grasses like Deschampsia cespitosa (tufted hair grass) or Stipa tenuissima (Mexican feather grass) can provide contrasting textures and movement in the garden when planted with Camassia.

Perennial Salvia (Salvia spp.) – Salvia species like Salvia nemorosa or Salvia x sylvestris can provide a contrasting color and form when planted with Camassia.

When selecting companion plants for Camassia, make sure they share the same growing conditions, such as sun exposure, water needs, and soil type. Additionally, consider the size, color, and texture of the companion plants to create a visually appealing garden.

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