What to plant with Canna – Canna Lilies

Companion Planting with Canna – Canna Lilies


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Canna Lilies (Canna x generalis) are a tropical, rhizomatous perennial known for their bold foliage and bright, showy flowers. They make excellent companion plants for a variety of other species, which can help create a visually striking and diverse garden. When choosing plants to grow alongside Canna Lilies, consider the following options:

Ornamental grasses: Tall grasses like Panicum, Pennisetum, and Miscanthus can provide a striking contrast to the bold leaves and flowers of Canna Lilies.

Tropical foliage plants: Elephant ears (Colocasia and Alocasia), caladiums, and other large-leafed plants can create a lush, tropical feel when planted with Canna Lilies.

Perennials: Echinacea (Coneflower), Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan), and Salvia can add colorful blooms and interesting textures to a Canna Lily planting.

Annuals: Petunias, marigolds, zinnias, and cosmos are great options for adding vibrant color to the garden and can help fill in spaces around Canna Lilies.

Ferns: The delicate fronds of ferns contrast nicely with the bold foliage of Canna Lilies. Consider planting Japanese painted ferns (Athyrium niponicum) or lady ferns (Athyrium filix-femina).

Hostas: The wide variety of hosta cultivars, with their attractive foliage, can provide a great backdrop for Canna Lilies.

Lantana: These sun-loving, butterfly-attracting plants add both color and texture to the garden and pair well with Canna Lilies.

Hibiscus: Tropical hibiscus varieties, with their large, showy flowers, can create a stunning display when planted with Canna Lilies.

Crocosmia: With their bold, arching stems and bright, tubular flowers, Crocosmia plants can provide an interesting contrast to Canna Lilies.

Water-loving plants: If you’re planting Canna Lilies near a water feature or in a damp area, consider companion plants like Louisiana iris (Iris louisiana), pickerel weed (Pontederia cordata), or swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata).

Remember to consider the specific growing conditions of your garden, such as sun exposure, soil type, and climate, when selecting companion plants for your Canna Lilies.

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