What to plant with Cattleya – Orchids

Companion Planting with Cattleya – Orchids


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Cattleya orchids are epiphytic plants that grow on trees in their natural habitat, making them unique when it comes to companion planting. They are often grown in pots or mounted on bark, cork, or other materials that mimic their natural growing conditions. When choosing companion plants for Cattleya orchids, focus on plants that can coexist well in a similar environment, such as other epiphytes, humidity-loving plants, or plants that can provide filtered light or support.

Other orchids: Co-plant Cattleya orchids with other epiphytic orchids that have similar care requirements, such as Dendrobium, Oncidium, or Phalaenopsis.

Bromeliads: Epiphytic bromeliads like Tillandsia (air plants) or Neoregelia can share the same growing environment as Cattleya orchids and provide interesting foliage contrasts.

Ferns: Smaller, humidity-loving ferns like Davallia (rabbit’s foot fern), Asplenium (bird’s nest fern), or Platycerium (staghorn fern) can be planted near Cattleya orchids to add texture and create a lush, tropical feel.

Mosses: Live sphagnum moss, Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides), or other moisture-loving mosses can be grown around the base of mounted Cattleya orchids to help retain moisture and create a natural look.

Peperomia: Species like Peperomia dolabriformis or Peperomia puteolata can be planted near Cattleya orchids to add visual interest and create a varied, textured display.

Climbing plants: If you have a support structure or lattice near your Cattleya orchids, consider adding climbing plants like Hoya or Epipremnum aureum (pothos) to provide filtered light and create a living backdrop.

Aroids: Smaller aroids like Philodendron, Anthurium, or Aglaonema can be grown alongside Cattleya orchids, as they appreciate similar conditions of high humidity and filtered light.

Shade-tolerant perennials: Plants like Begonia, Impatiens, or Caladium can be grown near Cattleya orchids to add color and interest in a greenhouse, sunroom, or shaded garden bed.

Indoor palms: Small, shade-tolerant palms like Chamaedorea (parlor palm) or Rhapis (lady palm) can be placed near Cattleya orchids to create a tropical atmosphere.

Maranta and Calathea: These humidity-loving plants can add color, pattern, and texture to an indoor garden or greenhouse featuring Cattleya orchids.

When choosing companion plants for Cattleya orchids, consider the specific growing conditions they require, such as humidity, temperature, light levels, and air circulation. Make sure to select plants that can thrive in similar conditions to ensure a harmonious and healthy growing environment.

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