What to plant with Ceanothus – California Lilac

Companion Planting with Ceanothus – California Lilac


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Ceanothus, commonly known as California lilac, is a genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees known for their vibrant blue, purple, or white flowers and attractive foliage. They are drought-tolerant and thrive in well-drained soils and sunny locations. When selecting companion plants for Ceanothus, consider the following options:

Perennials: Combine Ceanothus with other drought-tolerant perennials like Salvia (sage), Echinacea (coneflower), Nepeta (catmint), or Lavandula (lavender) to create a colorful and low-maintenance planting.

Grasses: Ornamental grasses like Stipa (needle grass), Bouteloua (blue grama), or Muhlenbergia (muhly grass) can add texture, movement, and contrast to a planting with Ceanothus.

Groundcovers: Low-growing plants like Thymus (thyme), Sedum (stonecrop), or Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (bearberry) can fill in gaps around Ceanothus and add interest at the base of the shrub.

Bulbs: Plant drought-tolerant bulbs like Allium, Crocosmia, or Iris around the base of the Ceanothus to provide additional color and interest throughout the growing season.

Native plants: Combine Ceanothus with other California native plants like Arctostaphylos (manzanita), Ribes (currant or gooseberry), or Heteromeles arbutifolia (toyon) to create a more natural and eco-friendly landscape.

Succulents: Drought-tolerant succulents like Echeveria, Agave, or Aloe can be used to create a visually appealing and low-water planting alongside Ceanothus.

Shrubs: Plant Ceanothus with other drought-tolerant shrubs like Grevillea, Leucophyllum (Texas sage), or Westringia (coastal rosemary) to create a mixed shrub border with varying heights, textures, and colors.

Mediterranean plants: Ceanothus pairs well with other Mediterranean plants like Rosmarinus (rosemary), Olea (olive), or Phlomis (Jerusalem sage), which have similar growing requirements.

Silver-foliaged plants: Pair Ceanothus with plants that have silver or gray foliage, like Artemisia (wormwood), Santolina (lavender cotton), or Salvia officinalis (sage), to create a cohesive and visually appealing color scheme.

Trees: Plant Ceanothus underneath small or medium-sized trees like Quercus agrifolia (coast live oak), Pinus (pine), or Pistacia (pistache) to create a layered planting that offers shade and habitat for wildlife.

When choosing companion plants for Ceanothus, be sure to consider the specific growing conditions of your garden, such as sun exposure, soil type, and climate. This will help ensure that all of your plants thrive together.

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