What to plant with Cistus – Rock Roses

Companion Planting with Cistus – Rock Roses


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Cistus, commonly known as Rock Rose, is an evergreen shrub known for its showy, papery flowers and drought-tolerance. It thrives in full sun and well-drained, rocky or sandy soil. When selecting companion plants for Cistus, consider those that share similar growing conditions and can provide a variety of textures, colors, and heights for a visually appealing display:

Mediterranean plants: Incorporate Cistus into a Mediterranean-style garden with plants like Lavandula (lavender), Rosmarinus (rosemary), or Olea europaea (olive tree) for a water-wise, sun-loving display.

Drought-tolerant perennials: Combine Cistus with drought-tolerant perennials like Eryngium (sea holly), Salvia (sage), or Phlomis (Jerusalem sage) to create a low-maintenance, xeriscape garden.

Groundcovers: Low-growing plants like Thymus (thyme), Sedum (stonecrop), or Sempervivum (houseleek) can fill in gaps around Cistus and help to suppress weeds.

Ornamental grasses: Grasses like Stipa (feather grass), Festuca (blue fescue), or Muhlenbergia (muhly grass) can add texture, movement, and contrast to a planting with Cistus.

Foliage plants: Pair Cistus with foliage plants like Artemisia (wormwood), Santolina (cotton lavender), or Helichrysum (curry plant) for additional color and texture.

Flowering shrubs: Combine Cistus with other flowering shrubs like Halimium (rock rose), Callistemon (bottlebrush), or Convolvulus cneorum (silverbush) for a colorful and dynamic landscape.

Bulbs: Plant Cistus with drought-tolerant bulbs like Allium, Crocus, or Iris to provide a burst of color in the spring or early summer.

Succulents: Incorporate Cistus into a succulent garden with plants like Aloe, Agave, or Echeveria for an interesting mix of textures and shapes.

Subshrubs: Pair Cistus with small shrubs like Teucrium (germander), Lavandula (lavender), or Perovskia (Russian sage) for a layered, low-maintenance garden.

Rock garden plants: Combine Cistus with rock garden plants like Dianthus (carnations), Euphorbia (spurge), or Iberis (candytuft) for a naturalistic, rocky display.

When choosing companion plants for Cistus, be sure to consider the specific growing conditions of your garden, such as sun exposure, soil type, and climate. This will help ensure that all of your plants thrive together.

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