What to plant with Diospyros – Persimmons

Companion Planting with Diospyros – Persimmons


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Diospyros, commonly known as Persimmons, are fruit-bearing trees that thrive in well-draining soil and full sun. They are known for their attractive foliage, fragrant flowers, and delicious fruit. When selecting companion plants for persimmon trees, consider plants that share similar growing conditions and have complementary colors, textures, and forms. Here are some suggestions for plants to grow alongside Diospyros:

Spring-flowering bulbs: Bulbs like daffodils, crocuses, and tulips can provide early color beneath persimmon trees before their leaves fully emerge.

Understory shrubs: Planting shrubs like Hydrangea, Viburnum, or Fothergilla can create a layered look in the landscape and provide additional seasonal interest.

Groundcovers: Low-growing groundcovers like Vinca, Pachysandra, or Ajuga can help suppress weeds, retain soil moisture, and add visual interest around the base of persimmon trees.

Ornamental grasses: Grasses like Miscanthus, Panicum, or Pennisetum provide year-round interest and can create an attractive contrast with the foliage and form of persimmon trees.

Perennials: Choose sun-loving perennials such as Salvia, Echinacea, or Russian Sage to add color and texture in the landscape around persimmon trees.

Native plants: Incorporate native plants like milkweed (Asclepias), goldenrod (Solidago), or aster (Symphyotrichum) to support local pollinators and wildlife.

Berry-producing shrubs: Shrubs like blueberries, currants, or serviceberries can provide additional fruit for humans and wildlife while adding visual interest to the landscape.

Climbing vines: If you have a nearby structure or trellis, consider planting climbing vines like Clematis, Honeysuckle (Lonicera), or Jasmine (Jasminum) for added vertical interest.

Herbs: Plant aromatic herbs like Lavender, Rosemary, or Thyme to create a fragrant and functional landscape around persimmon trees.

Pollinator-friendly plants: Encourage pollinators to visit your persimmon tree by planting bee-friendly flowers like Monarda (Bee Balm), Gaillardia (Blanket Flower), or Nepeta (Catmint).

When designing your landscape around persimmon trees, be sure to take into account the specific needs of each plant for light, water, and soil type, and adjust as needed for your local climate and conditions. Remember to provide adequate space for each plant to grow and consider the mature size of the persimmon tree when planning your garden.

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