What to plant with Erysimum – Wallflowers

Companion Planting with Erysimum – Wallflowers


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Erysimum, commonly known as wallflowers, are a great addition to any garden due to their bright colors, delightful fragrance, and easy-to-grow nature. They make excellent companion plants for a variety of other species. When planting with Erysimum, consider these options:

Tulips and daffodils: Planting bulbs like tulips and daffodils near wallflowers creates a beautiful spring display, as both bloom around the same time. The mix of colors and heights adds visual interest to your garden.

Pansies and violas: These colorful, low-growing plants are ideal for planting at the base of wallflowers. They will provide ground cover and complement the bright hues of the Erysimum.

Ornamental grasses: Planting ornamental grasses like blue fescue or fountain grass can create an appealing contrast between the soft, flowing grasses and the upright, vibrant wallflowers.

Lavender: The soft, silvery foliage of lavender pairs well with the bold colors of wallflowers. Both plants enjoy similar growing conditions, making them a great combination.

Heuchera (Coral Bells): These perennials have attractive foliage in a range of colors and can be planted alongside wallflowers for added contrast and texture in the garden.

Salvia: With their spiky flowers and contrasting colors, salvia plants make excellent companions for wallflowers. They also attract pollinators, which is a bonus for your garden.

Sedum (Stonecrop): Low-growing, succulent sedum varieties can be used as a groundcover around wallflowers, creating an interesting contrast of textures.

Rosemary: This aromatic herb is not only a great addition to your garden, but it also complements the fragrance of wallflowers.

Hardy geraniums: The delicate flowers and foliage of hardy geraniums can provide a soft, contrasting effect alongside the bold colors of wallflowers.

When selecting companion plants for your Erysimum, consider the specific growing conditions, such as sunlight, water, and soil requirements, to ensure that all plants will thrive together.

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