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Companion Planting with Lamium – Dead Nettles


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Lamium, commonly known as Dead Nettles, is a low-growing, shade-loving perennial with attractive silver-variegated foliage and clusters of small, tubular flowers. It works well as a groundcover in woodland gardens or under trees and shrubs. When choosing companion plants for Lamium, consider plants with contrasting foliage, complementary colors, and varying heights to create visual interest. Here are some suggestions for plants to pair with Lamium:

Hosta: With their bold, textured foliage, Hostas provide a striking contrast to the delicate leaves of Lamium. They come in various sizes and leaf colors, which can add diversity to the garden.

Ferns: Shade-loving ferns, such as Lady Fern, Japanese Painted Fern, or Christmas Fern, offer a textural contrast to Lamium with their feathery fronds. They also prefer the same moist, well-draining soil conditions.

Heuchera (Coral Bells): Heucheras have colorful, evergreen foliage that contrasts nicely with Lamium. They thrive in similar light conditions, preferring part-shade to shade.

Brunnera macrophylla (Siberian Bugloss): With its heart-shaped, silver-veined leaves and delicate blue flowers, Brunnera is a lovely companion to Lamium. Both plants prefer moist, well-draining soil and shade to part-shade.

Helleborus (Lenten Rose): These shade-loving perennials bloom in late winter to early spring, providing early-season interest. Their leathery, evergreen foliage creates a contrasting texture with Lamium’s leaves.

Tiarella (Foamflower): Tiarella has attractive, maple-like foliage and delicate, foam-like flowers that pair well with Lamium. Both plants prefer part-shade to shade and moist, well-draining soil.

Pulmonaria (Lungwort): With their spotted, hairy leaves and tubular flowers, Pulmonarias make excellent companions for Lamium. They thrive in similar growing conditions and bloom in spring, offering color to the garden.

Astilbe: Astilbe produces feathery plumes of flowers that contrast well with Lamium’s low-growing habit and tubular blooms. They thrive in moist, well-draining soil and prefer part-shade to shade.

Epimedium (Barrenwort): Epimedium is a shade-loving groundcover with heart-shaped leaves and delicate, airy flowers. It provides a contrasting texture and color to Lamium.

When selecting companion plants, consider the specific growing conditions in your garden. Ensure that the plants you choose have similar sunlight, water, and soil requirements to thrive together.

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