What to plant with Musa – Bananas

Companion Planting with Musa – Bananas


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Musa, commonly known as the banana plant, is a tropical plant that can add a lush, exotic feel to your garden. When planting bananas, it’s essential to choose companion plants that have similar growing requirements and that complement each other in terms of appearance, growth habit, and ecological function. Here are some great companion plants for Musa:

Heliconia – Like bananas, Heliconia plants are tropical, featuring brightly colored flowers and large, attractive foliage. They thrive in the same conditions as bananas and create a stunning visual impact in the garden.

Canna – Canna lilies are another tropical plant with large, attractive leaves and showy flowers that can be planted with Musa to create a beautiful, tropical look.

Colocasia (Elephant Ear) – Colocasia plants have large, dramatic leaves that can add visual interest and a tropical feel to your banana planting.

Ginger – Both ornamental and edible ginger plants thrive in similar conditions as bananas, providing attractive foliage and beautiful flowers.

Maranta (Prayer Plant) – Maranta is a tropical plant with striking foliage that can be planted under bananas as a beautiful and functional groundcover.

Alpinia (Shell Ginger) – Alpinia plants feature large, lush foliage and beautiful, fragrant flowers that can create a stunning display alongside bananas.

Philodendron – Philodendrons are tropical plants with attractive foliage that can be planted alongside bananas as an understory plant or allowed to climb up the banana trunks.

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) – Strelitzia plants have large, exotic flowers and thrive in the same conditions as bananas, creating a striking visual impact in the garden.

Bromeliads – Bromeliads are tropical plants that can add color and texture to your banana planting, either as groundcovers or epiphytes growing on the banana trunks.

Ferns – Tropical ferns, such as tree ferns or sword ferns, can provide an understory layer of lush, green foliage beneath your banana plants.

When planting companion plants with bananas, be sure to consider each plant’s mature size and growth habit to ensure that they have enough space to grow and thrive. Also, maintain a regular watering schedule and provide well-draining soil for the best results.

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